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Benefits of a Joint Venture with Norcom:

  • Increase in revenue stream for the Broker
  • A dedicated Norcom Market Manager, support staff, and legal team committed to assist with JV growth
  • Realtors gain exclusive access to Loan Officer(s) to provide insight into industry resources and market trends
  • Create a seamless and efficient process for your homebuyer, expediting turnaround times
  • The JV allows the Broker to offer buyers a reliable mortgage solution, creating a complete solution sales cycle
  • JV partner has creative input to establish the name, logo, and brand standards for the company to maximize marketability
  • Leverage Norcom’s 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry
  • Norcom values providing both timely and accurate documents, superb customer service
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Next Steps/How Does It Work?

Once you have met with Jill Maxwell, AVP Joint Venture/Business Development, you will fully understand the true value in partnering with Norcom to establish a Joint Venture. We believe this partnership will benefit you and your company long-term.

How does it work?

  • Meet with Norcom’s legal division and ownership to develop Joint Venture
  • Partner with a Norcom Market Manager to find an experienced Loan Officer
  • A Norcom project manager will ensure the partnership moves smoothly through the onboarding process, adhering to deadlines and maintaining communication with all departments
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Joint Venture Contact

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For further information regarding a business opportunity to create a Joint Venture partnership with Norcom, please contact:

Jill Maxwell – AVP Joint Venture/Business Development – 860-505-5200

To find out more, please call Jill at 860.505.5200, or fill out the contact form below.