Loan Beam takes away the stress and time of calculating difficult Self Employed Income. Upload Tax Returns and it provides accurate income in minutes.

Day 1 Certainty provides accurate income, assets, and employment information at point of sale.

The majority of lenders use Encompass, but Norcom has fully integrated all loan functions within the software for a one-stop process. From video notifications to individualized, populated settlement fees, everything is done within Encompass. We employ Ellie Mae Master Certified Administrators to continue to tweak and enhance the system every day.

Surefire is a robust CRM system and sales tool that integrates with Encompass. It enables you to creatively engage your personal database of prospects and keep in touch with them through interactive video and email content. You can even create your own Open House flyers.

Every Branch Manager and LO get their own website with personalized, individual address, and page. Online applications flow into Encompass, and borrowers can upload documents directly into the system.

Norcom has a talented marketing team including a videographer, designer, and copywriter. The Marketing Portal has on-demand materials that can be accessed 24/7 with your personalized information included.

Industry Leading Mortgage Business Intelligence Solutions: powerful analytics enabling you to proactively monitor and manage operations.